A Beautiful Garden All Year Long – A Flower-bed

A very important part of our garden are flowers and flower-beds. They need more work than other elements in the garden, to be beautiful and fresh day by day. Below you can find some tips how to have them look fabulous.

Weed removing
When we just spot weeds it is the best moment to remove them. We can’t let them grow as other plants cause fast they will change our garden into total mess and they grow faster than we can imagine. It is best to do it with hands or by using rake.

Methods of watering flowers
Watering is one of the most important thing that we have to do for our flowers. When we pour a lot of there is a chance that it will into roots and deepest parts of plants. We shouldn’t save the water here cause it won’t bring us any good. Of course we can’t let to make slops. The best way to pour plants would be making a small hole around the plant and slowly filling it with water.

Removing old plants
When taking care of flowers we can’t forget about removing these which are already dead. This way the energy that is used to produce the seeds would be used for growing new flowers. The only situation when we could leave flowers is when we want to leave fructification.

Using fertilizer
When the spring starts we usually use fertilizers that are working slow. All fertilizers are giving our plants a lot of azote, phosphor, potassium, and when using it we have to always mixing the fertilizer with watered soil and taking only the amount that is suggested by the producer.

These are only a few tips but using them might help you in making your garden more beautiful and colorful.

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