Month: November 2018

Check Out Some Of The Bold New Looks In Decorative Above Ground Pool Liners

Perhaps you can remember way back when you swam in an above ground pool as a child, that was lined with a heavy gage blue vinyl pool liner. It was highly functional and in fact, didn’t look that bad. However; creative designers have been busy at work over the years since then and what they have come up with is nothing short of truly amazing.

Real Looking Decorative Tile

New technological improvements in plastics moulding, coupled with newer plastics has enabled above ground pool manufacturers to now offer a variable cornucopia of colorful and innovative designs. Decorative vinyl tile that actually looks and feels just like ceramic is just one new choice. Also, the tile designs themselves are also almost endless.

Swim in the Tropics

Another popular look is exposed polished aggregate, that duplicates the effect of premium custom decorative masonry to a tee. Another design that kids of all ages just love, is any one of the ?tropical fish? or ?coral reef? above ground pool liners, that come in a virtual rainbow of colors.

Soft Padded Underlayments

It doesn’t stop there though, because there is now a super wide assortment of choices in high tech pool liner ?underlayments? that render the bottom and sides of an above ground pool extra soft and ?foot friendly?. Easy to install coving for the bottom corners of your above ground pool eliminate all 90 degree angles and give the pool a smart new look.

Buy Online and Install it Yourself

The good news is that all of the new decorative, heavy gage above ground pool liners are very affordable, so it is now easier than ever to own an prefabricated above ground pool that will be the envy of the neighborhood. As fantastic as all of these new designs in above ground pool liners look, the truly amazing thing is that they all can be easily purchased online and come in easy to install, do-it-yourself kits.